/ Amgen Translation / Translation of the Welsh text of my bilingual play, Amgen:Broken. Sherman Cymru have gone to the time and expense of publishing this play, so it would be pretty mean (and no doubt a breach of contract) for me to give away the entire text here. So if you were hoping for the whole play with the Welsh bits translated into English, you're going to be disappointed. What I present here is JUST the text that was originally in Welsh, translated page by page, into English. So for example, on page 16 of this translation, you will find the Welsh-speaking character's four utterances translated into English, and nothing more. But if you are truly determined to know what the Welsh-speaker said, you can sit with the published text and with these crib notes, and decode the whole thing. Enjoy!

/ On Father Figures / How a family anecdote was caught on tape and turned into a play. And in-fighting between different flavours of theatre makers in Wales. First published in New Welsh Review 81, Summer 2008.

/ Writing Big Hopes / The difficulties of writing even a little bit convincingly for teenagers. Published in the Western Mail, June 27, 2008.

/ Sound is to Speech as Speech is to Sound / I took part in the inaugural Springboard Festival at Sherman Cymru in May 2008. I worked with director Sarah Argent, actor Lynn Hunter, and "harpist" Rhodri Davies on a piece which involved improvised music, improvised text and improvised performance. This is an explanatory note we offered to the audience as they left.

/ Writing Mary Twice / In uncharacteristically cheery mood, I write about collaborating with Bridgend County Youth Theatre on the play Mary Twice. This piece was published in the Western Mail, 4 April 2008.

/ The Low Hundreds / A short monologue which was brilliantly performed by my friend Rob Storr and inexpertly directed by me. Sherman Theatre, autumn 2003.

/ A New York Diary / Old Vic New Voices send me on an all expenses paid trip to Manhattan. I moan about it, a lot. First published on Theatre-in-Wales, spring 2003.

/ Accident Statement / Some people, on reading my whiny New York diary, have thought it might be a work of fiction - that I could not possibly be so ungrateful. To prove that my Diary is a simple retelling of actual events, I present the statement sent to me for my approval and signature by an entirely non-fictional New York City private investigator. Look, he puts 'residing in Wales, England', and I correct him. I would never make something like that up. I would consider it ridiculously clich├ęd. But that's the world for you: constantly surprising.